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Reusable Silicone "Cotton Swab"

Reusable Silicone "Cotton Swab"

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Did you know that every day, around 1.5 BILLION single-use cotton swabs are produced? Sadly, single-use cotton swabs and cotton buds are a massive source of pollution in our oceans. 

Thankfully, there is a solution. Reusable silicone "cotton" swabs are a sustainable and sanitary alternative to standard single-use cotton swabs, cotton buds and Q-tips, with the added bonus that they can be used again and again (designed to last 1000+ uses)!

This handy two-pack of reusable cotton swabs comes with:

- One ridged reusable silicone swab: designed for cleaning your ears and sensitive body parts; and

- One smooth reusable silicone swab: designed for makeup application and other cosmetic uses

Use these swabs like you would use a standard cotton swab or cotton bud. Remember to swab responsibly, particularly when using as an ear cleaner. 

These reusable silicone swabs come in a handy travel case so they are super convenient to keep in your handbag for emergencies!

Cleaning instructions: cleaning your reusable silicone "cotton" swabs is quick and easy using soap and water.

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