About Us

Nice to meet you! 

We are three sisters, based in the southern suburbs of Sydney and passionate about protecting our planet. Back in 2019, we founded The Simple Sustainable Store out of a desire to make sustainable living a simple reality in a modern world.

Over the past few years we have become acutely aware of the damage that 'single use' culture is having on the environment and have been searching for ways to reduce our impact on the Earth.

We quickly found that there are a LOT of varying opinions and standards out there with respect to living a sustainable lifestyle. Some products out there are marketed to consumers with nature-inspired images and words such as "Eco" and "Earth" to give the impression of being environmentally friendly, but are in fact damaging to the Earth through their manufacturing processes. Other products claim to be made from biodegradable materials, but then arrive wrapped in tons of single-use plastic! It's no wonder that we constantly hear the responses "it's too hard" and "I don't know where to start" when it comes to suggestions of living sustainably. 

Our hope is that The Simple Sustainable Store's carefully curated product range and our sustainable living tips will make living a sustainable lifestyle as simple as possible for you. 


Amy, Rachel & Erin xx

The Simple Sustainable Store (ABN 25 438 006 104)

We want to hear from you! Please let us know if we can help you on your sustainability journey. If there are any products that you want to see in our store, please give us a shout