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Reusable Bin Liner (2 pack)

Reusable Bin Liner (2 pack)

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We all know that plastic garbage bin bags are extremely bad for the environment, as they remain in our landfill system where they take hundreds of years to break down. 

If you're not super excited about some of the compostable and biodegradable alternatives to single use bin bags, why not try a reusable garbage bin liner? Just one reusable bin liner can replace hundreds of single use liners, dramatically reducing your impact on the environment. 

These sustainable bin liners:

  • are durable and machine washable;
  • feature an elasticated top to ensure that your liner fits securely onto the bin;
  • come in a set with one black liner and one grey liner
  • are suitable for both general waste bins and recycle waste bins in the kitchen, bathroom or office
  • suit most square, round and rectangular bins while still allowing a lid to fit on the bin.

These sustainable garbage bin liners measure 76cm x 71cm. They suit most square, rectangular or circular bins up to around a 40L capacity.

Follow these simple ideas to keep your sustainable rubbish bin clean and free from odours:

  • Place your liner in the bin and secure the elastic top around the sides of the bin
  • Fill your bin with rubbish in the usual way.
  • To keep your reusable liner as clean as possible, we recommend placing food scraps in your compost bin (if you have one) or else wrapping your food scraps in newspaper before placing in the bin. We also recommend rinsing all food and drink containers before placing in the bin.
  • Try not to have excess liquids in the bin. While the liner is waterproof it is not designed to hold large quantities of liquids.
  • Once your bin is full, empty the contents of the bin into your council bins for collection. Wipe down your reusable bin liner with a damp cloth if there is a small amount of residue left behind. You can also hand wash or machine wash your reusable bin liner if it needs it.
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