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Reusable Fabric Gift Wrapping Cloth / 'Furoshiki' Set

Reusable Fabric Gift Wrapping Cloth / 'Furoshiki' Set

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Looking for sustainable alternatives to wrapping paper? Gone are the days of worrying about wrapping paper waste with this set of three reusable fabric gift wraps in pink, blue and orange.

Reusable gift wrapping cloths are referred to in traditional Japanese culture as 'furoshiki'. Traditionally these reusable gift wrapping cloths are made from silk or cotton and are used to wrap and deliver goods and gifts. 

Our reusable gift wraps are made with an 80% blend of cotton and linen.

Each of these fabric gift wraps measure 40cm x 40cm and are perfect for wrapping a range of small to medium sized gifts such as paperback books, wallets/clutch bags, candles and perfume bottles. 

How to wrap a gift using a fabric gift wrap:

There are a number of different methods out there, but one of the most basic is the "Corner to Corner Method", as set out below:

Step 1: Lay your fabric gift wrap face down on a flat surface so that the corners are pointing towards north, south, east and west. Place your gift in the middle. 

Step 2: Take the left and right corners of the furoshiki/fabric gift wrap, and bring them together so they meet over the present. Tie in a double knot. Repeat for the other two corners (and double knot them over the previous knot).

Step 3: Tidy up the edges, and you're done! Sit back and admire your sustainable gift wrapping efforts. 

Step 4: When your recipient opens the gift, they can either return the wrap to you, or you can choose to let them keep it and use it for their own sustainable gift giving in future!

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