Reusable Fabric Gift Bag (Birthday Balloon)
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Reusable Fabric Gift Bag (Birthday Balloon)

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Let's face it, gift giving is awesome, but the huge amount of waste generated from gift wrapping is not.  

Reusable fabric gift bags are a great way to reduce the amount of waste that you generate when providing someone with a gift. They are also perfect for those amongst us with lacklustre wrapping skills (guilty!)

This reusable fabric gift bag is made from natural cotton. It measures 34cm x 34cm.

How to use:

Rather than wrapping a gift in paper and tape, simply place the gift in the bag, pull the drawstring,  and attach a gift tag or sticker. The recipient simply 'unwraps' the present by pulling it out of the bag (much like paper gift bags). They then give the bag back to you to use for their gift next year.

No waste, no worries!


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