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Ethique Shampoo Bar Storage Container

Ethique Shampoo Bar Storage Container

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Protect and store your solid shampoo and conditioner bars with this certified compostable in-shower container by Ethique. This super-cute Ethique storage container is designed with a slotted base tray for drainage, and a cover to protect your bars from moisture when not in use. 

Specs: One Ethique storage container will typically fit one Ethique shampoo bar and one Ethique conditioner bar. The base of the shampoo and conditioner bar storage container is 8cm by 6.5cm, and the total height of the container is 7.5cm. 

This storage container may look like it's made from plastic, but in fact is made from bamboo & corn-starch. This means that once it reaches the end of its life (approximately 5 years), you can pop it in your compost bin or bury it in your garden. 

Why this product is Simple and Sustainable

Haven't made the switch to solid yet? Here's why you should give solid shampoo and conditioner a go today:

  • Save the planet from plastic: Ethique's range of products is packaged in compostable cardboard packaging, saving plastic bottles from landfill!
  • Save water: Liquid shampoo and conditioner is typically made up of active ingredients, filled out with water. Solid/bar shampoo and conditioner contains only the active ingredient with no added water, letting the water you are already using in your shower (or bath) do the work.
  • Save money: Solid bars last up to six times longer (depending on the product) than bottled products because they’re super-concentrated. We've been using Ethique's shampoo and conditioner bars here at The Simple Sustainable Store and find that they typically last six months on medium-long hair!
  • Travel friendly: Solid bars are compact and easy to pack in an overnight bag - plus, as the bars are solid, there is no risk of leakage in your bag!

Ethique's range of skincare, haircare and laundry products is proudly plastic free, vegan, cruelty free and free from palm oil products. 

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