12 Pack Bamboo Straws
12 Pack Bamboo Straws
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Bamboo Drinking Straws (12 pack)

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Did you know that Australians use 2.9 BILLION straws on average per year? Sadly, they are also one of the most commonly reported items by Clean Up Australia volunteers each year, representing 7.5% of all reported plastics found in our parks, waterways and beaches. 

Help to lower these statistics by switching to bamboo straws. An eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, bamboo straws are simply made by cutting bamboo stalks.

This pack comes with:

  • 12 x straight bamboo straws 
  • 1 x straw cleaner

Made from 100% bamboo.

Straw dimensions: 20cm long, outer diameter 0.7-1.2cm, inner diameter 0.4-6cm

Please note that bamboo straws should not be washed in the dishwasher.

Why this product is Simple and Sustainable:

Bamboo straws typically last for between 10-20 uses before they need to be replaced. Because they are made from nothing but bamboo, these straws are naturally biodegradable and compostable - meaning that they will conveniently break down into smaller particles and nutrients when placed into your garden or compost.

Taking the next step: if you're looking to go the extra mile in tackling our plastic straw epidemic, check out the awesome "STRAWkling" events being held regularly around Manly Cove, Sydney by the guys at Operation Straw - https://operationstraw.org/

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