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Little Miss M Designs

Reusable Baby Cleaning Wipes (2 pack)

Reusable Baby Cleaning Wipes (2 pack)

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Cleaning up after little ones can be a thankless (and waste intensive) task. Help to reduce the millions of disposable wipes in landfill by investing in some reusable baby cleaning wipes.  

Handmade here in Australia by Little Miss M Designs, these super cute wipes are perfect for cleaning up baby-sized messes. Use them to wipe away dribbles after feeding, or for cleaning up baby-related spills and splatters. 

This pack contains 2 x baby cleaning wipes.

Each wipe measures 10cm x 15cm and is double sided, featuring one side made from a 100% cotton print and the other side made from absorbent microfibre cloth. 

Once soiled, these wipes can simply be placed in the washing machine and dried on the clothesline, ready to use again and again!



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