Plastic Free July: the Home Stretch

You did it! If you're reading this blog, chances are that you've made it to the final week of Plastic Free July for this year. If you've been following this blog, you'll know that we've been releasing weekly 'missions' or tips for our readers to try out each week - because small steps are the key to changing your habits for the better :) 

Your final set of changes for the month are below:

CHANGE 1: Chuck the chux wipes and paper towels - try reusable cleaning products instead!

The problem: Australians love paper towels. We use them for cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom and for drying our hands in public toilets. It's been estimated that an office with 50 people will consume a whopping 175,500 towels per year - and that's just when at work!

Paper towels might have “paper” in their name, but just like baking paper, unfortunately paper towels are generally not recyclable. Also, paper towels are usually soiled with food, grease or other liquids, which can contaminate paper that is recyclable.

The solution: There are a number of more eco friendly and reusable options out there:

  • Reusable cloths or 'unpaper towels' are durable and able to be machine washed and used again and again. The benefits are threefold: One, you reduce your impact on the planet. Two, you keep from clogging up your waste bin with scrunched up paper towels. Three, find a cloth with a cute design and make it a feature of your kitchen rather than hiding it away in the closet!
  • Compostable sponge cloths: there are a range of compostable sponge cloths available on the market at the moment. The idea with these cloths are that they may be used for up to three months and composted in your worm farm once they have reached the end of their life. These are good for those who find it hard to let go of the chux life!

Check out a selection of the unpaper towels and dishcloths we have on offer below:

UnPaper Towel

Pink Dandelion Unpaper Towels (3 pack) - $35

Unpaper Towel - Dog

Dog Unpaper Towels (3 pack) - $35

Hen Dishcloth

Hen Dishcloth - $6.95

Zebra Dishcloth

Zebra Dishcloth - $6.95

CHANGE 2: Keep learning and sharing your knowledge about sustainable lifestyle changes with your family and friends.

The problem: It can be really discouraging when embarking on a zero waste journey to see that your family and friends may not be engaging in sustainable lifestyle choices themselves. But, never fear - with some patience and positive encouragement, you can drive the change!

The solution: Lead by example - next time you're grabbing coffee with a friend, bring your reusable coffee cup. If you have a spare, offer to bring one for them also, or encourage them to bring their own next time.

Let your family know about the best sustainable item or change you've discovered this month - was it the new silicone baking mat you purchased, or was it a new cafe that you discovered when you decided to walk to the local shops rather than drive by? Sometimes the only impediment to a sustainable choice is a lack of knowledge about the better options that are out there.

Looking for more ways to reduce your impact on the planet?

Plastic Free July may almost be over, but your journey has just begun. If you want to learn more about the ways you can live a sustainable lifestyle, keep following our social media and email communication - we love sharing our knowledge and experiences with our readers.

There are also a number of awesome books out there which offer solutions and suggestions on ways to live more sustainably - check out this selection of our favourites below:

 A Planet Full of Plastic Book

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