How to throw an eco friendly baby shower

Eco Friendly Baby Shower Paper Garland Bunting

Tasked with throwing an epic baby shower, but worried about the cost to the planet? We've made your job easy for you and thrown together six easy tips to help you host a plastic free, environmentally friendly baby shower to remember. 

Tip 1: Kick the balloon habit

If you only do one thing on this list, please let it be to forget using balloons as a decorative element. 

Balloons are a massive threat to Australian wildlife. In fact, a recent CSIRO study identified balloons among the top three most harmful pollutants threatening marine wildlife, along with plastic bags and bottles.

Sure, it may seem romantic to do a 'balloon release' for your gender reveal, but once those balloons fly up into the sky, they inevitably find their way back down to the ground. Once they pop, balloons become small pieces of brightly coloured plastic that can look like food and are often ingested by wildlife, leading to their illness and death.

Rather than balloons, consider using sustainable alternatives to decorate your space.

Tip 2: Bust out the bunting

Bunting not only looks great, but can be sustainable, too! If you're looking to avoid single-use decorations, there are so many fabric-based bunting options out there that can be used again and again. Alternatively, if you're looking for something cheap and cheerful, paper-based bunting might be your best bet. For extra brownie points, opt for bunting made from recycled paper or cardboard.

TIP 3: Swap cling wrap for beeswax wraps and food covers

Avoid using cling wrap to cover snacks and treats for your guests while waiting for them to arrive. Instead, use some reusable beeswax wraps! 

Beeswax wraps are a fantastic sustainable alternative to single-use plastic food storage options such as cling wrap. Rather than being used once and then thrown away, beeswax wraps can be used again and again. Once your wrap has reached the end of its life (each wrap lasts about a year) you can simply dig a hole in your backyard and bury it. Unlike plastic it is a bio-degradable product and will return to the Earth without a trace. 

Bee Green Wraps have an awesome starter pack of beeswax wraps which contains four wraps in different sizes - small, medium, large & extra large, which means you'll be sorted for all of the different treats and platters you put out for your guests. 

Shop the Bee Green Wraps range here

Beeswax Wraps Starter Pack

Beeswax Wraps Pack - $30.00

Reusable food covers are another great plastic-free solution , and are ideal for covering over bowls, platters or plates to keep away from bugs and the weather. They can also be used to cover over the end of a block of cheese or a piece of fruit, to retain freshness. 

Reusable Food Cover Set Leaf

Reusable Food Cover Set - White Leaf - $39.95

Tip 4: Accent your event space with touches of nature

Look beyond the party aisle and into your backyard for decoration inspiration. Nothing says 'baby shower' like bunches of Australian eucalyptus leaves, gumnuts and bottlebrush flowers - did somebody say May Gibbs?

Tip 5: Get your guests growing 'plant babies':

If the baby shower is at home, as a cute additional activity, you could have each of your guests take turns planting herb and veggie seeds in planters around the backyard, as a way of starting an organic garden for mum and baby. Get your guests to write their name on a little biodegradable wooden stake next to the seeds they have planted so that mum can remember which guests planted all of the new 'plant babies'. Make sure you provide some basic gardening tools for your guests to use!

Plant Babies

Tip 6: Go for reusable plates and cups

Where you can, try to avoid using disposable dishes, cups and napkins for serving food and drinks. Not only are these expensive, they’re incredibly wasteful and contribute greatly to landfill. Try reusable options instead - some of our favourites are below:

If you're worried about damaging your nice crockery, never fear - there are some disposable options that are slightly better. Biopak have a range of sugarcane plates and bowls which are certified home compostable and carbon neutral. However, it's worth remembering that if you use this option, you need to make sure you actually have the ability to compost the items at home, otherwise they will be added to landfill just like plastic plates. 


Most of all, remember to have fun and enjoy sustainably celebrating a new life coming into the world xx

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