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Sow n Sow Gift of Seeds - Mother's Day (Chrysanthemum)

Sow n Sow Gift of Seeds - Mother's Day (Chrysanthemum)

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"Gift of Seeds" packs by the awesome Michelle Brady of Sow ’n Sow are designer, eco-friendly gifts which cleverly combine a greeting card with a packet of seeds to form a gift that grows.

These little packs are a simple and sustainable Mother's Day Gift, and a great way to say 'thank you' to Mum for all that she does for you.  

This pack features a greeting card containing Chrysanthemum seeds. These are the traditional Mother's Day flower in Australia. They are easy and quick to grow.

Sow these seeds directly outside in spring through to autumn, in a sunny area. Keep the soil moist until the seed starts to germinate

Variety: Chrysanthemum paludosum

Why this product is Simple and Sustainable:

Sow ‘n Sow’s products are entirely designed and made in Australia using environmentally-friendly materials including 100% post consumer waste recycled materials.

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