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Little Miss M Designs

Reusable Wet Bag / Nappy Bag

Reusable Wet Bag / Nappy Bag

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We've all been there - you're out at the beach or a friend's pool, you get changed out of your wet swimmers and throw them in a plastic bag to avoid saturating everything else in your backpack. Consider those days gone with our new reusable wet bags!

These bags are handmade in Australia by May Lumby of Little Miss M Designs. 

Made using a waterproof fabric, these bags measure 26cm x 24cm and are perfect for:

  • Containing wet swimwear in your swim bag or backpack after swimming lessons or a day at the beach or pool;
  • Containing sweaty activewear in your bag after a gym session or run;
  • Storing dirty clothes in your suitcase while on holidays;
  • Temporarily storing dirty reusable nappies when out and about .

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