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Makeup remover pads in wash bag
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Reusable Makeup Remover Pads (3 pack with washbag) - face

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Revolutionise your beauty routine with a set of reusable cotton makeup remover pads -  a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to single use cotton rounds and makeup wipes. 

Reusable makeup remover pads are super handy for removing foundation, eye makeup and face masks, and for applying skin cleansers, treatments and toners.

This set of machine washable makeup remover pads comes with:

  • One white double-sided pad featuring bamboo terry cotton (for removing facial makeup):
  • One black double-sided pad featuring bamboo terry cotton (for removing facial makeup);
    One tan double-sided pad featuring bamboo terry cotton (for removing facial makeup);  and
  • A 100% cotton mesh wash bag.

Each makeup pad measures 10.5cm in diameter, providing maximum surface area on each pad for efficient makeup removal.

Care and Cleaning

We recommend hand washing your makeup remover pads with warm water and soap after each use.

Once a week, pop them into your mesh wash bag and put into the washing machine on a gentle, cold wash. Use your new mesh bag to hang your makeup remover pads to dry. 

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