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Jack n' Jill

Jack n' Jill Bamboo Rinse Cup

Jack n' Jill Bamboo Rinse Cup

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This eco friendly rinse cup is made from bamboo & rice husks.

    Jack n' Jill rinse cups are BPA & PVC Free, and are dishwasher safe.

    Dimensions: 9cm (height) x 8cm (top diameter).

    Why this product is Simple and Sustainable:

    This rinse cup is made from biodegradable bamboo fibre, which means that when this product is no longer needed, it will break down in a compostable environment, rather than remaining in landfill for centuries.

    More eco-friendly and food-safe than plastic or melamine, and more durable than ceramic or glass, bamboo drinkware strikes that perfect balance between strength, beauty and sustainability. 

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